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Beam Suntory

Identity & Branding, Photography, Videography, Collateral Design, Prints, Tailoring & Manufacturing

Kakubin - The Art Of Highball

Reimagined a series of collaterals, photography, videography and uniform production for the year-end activation of their - The Art Of Highball campaign across Thailand and Singapore.

Created digital as well as print collaterals with a new consistent visual to fit clients' brief of wanting to give Suntory whisky a new understated, yet modern and fun communication across to their potential customers.

Three different uniform designs catered for ambassadors (male and female) and servers to exude the theme of art and craftsmanship. For such, we work on classic styles but injecting them with a modern touch focusing the color palette and fabric choices. Subtle details in the stitching also help elevate the whole visual aesthetic of the clothings.


Identity & Branding, Photography, Videography, Tailoring & Manufacturing

Achromatic Collection

From branding, design blueprints, sourcing, research, development to sampling and eventually production, biro is a clothing label that we can conceptualised since 2013, giving traditional Japanese production methods a modern twist.  

biro. The ball pen, a writing instrument, is often used as the starting point to every idea, thought and creative process; a means of expression through the artistry of words and drawings.

Here to change the way the world views the basics of menswear, biro stems from the need of original designs in men’s fashion, with a philosophy that true craftsmanship is expressed through individuality, passion and style.

The minimalist approach in design keeps the focus of the brand on quality, combining carefully sourced premium materials from around the globe with precise tailoring from artisans in Japan.

With quality and detail at its heart, biro creates timeless wardrobe staples that will be the anchor amid fashion’s shifting tides.


Identity & Branding, Consultation, Tailoring & Manufacturing

Honcho Uniform

Honcho – Squad leader, voyager, conqueror (of mountains and seas).

Drawing inspiration from mountain and ocean (waves) elements to include in the uniform as illustrations.

Subtle inclusion of Japanese flower for a pop effect. Decorative zigzag stitches at the sleeve as details as well as to hold down the weight of the fabric. A mix of two fabric, black gloss polyester coupled with a more textured hand felt herringbone to create depth and sophistication.