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"If you have to live with certainty, you may as well pursue what you care about deeply."


Founded in 2007, massiveoutfit started several initiatives primarily related to fashion and over the years have created brands such as biro, AAI, shouten store, AMOI, masteryatelier. They are all of different discipline and some of which are widely recognised by local/overseas media and agencies. Having immerse knowledge with what we do for the initiatives, we look forward to extend these valuable experiences and skillsets beyond our own works to a group of discerning clientele that may be seeking an alternative; something different. Massive Outfit is a creative, production house that works on various form of creative while envisioning a different outcome that is not conforming to trend.

Monocle Magazine

"Our aim was to make truly great quality products with depth." - biro

Rayern - Beam Suntory Asia

Their acute eye for distinctive brand identity had been instrumental in helping suntory kakubin whisky develop a refreshed brand look (across various touch points) that is on point on authenticity.

Esquire Magazine

The allegorical charm of the pair is evident in the stuff they put out - poignant yet daring, subtle yet withstanding.

Recent Work

Beam Suntory Global

Creative Direction, Identity & Branding, Experiential Design, Playbook, Brand Guide

Our Brands, Our Narratives.


Here to change the way the world views the basics of menswear, biro stems from the need of original designs in men’s fashion, with a philosophy that true craftsmanship is expressed through individuality, passion and style.

AAI - An Autonomous Individual

Returning to the roots of MO’s inception in 2007, AAI epitomizes an elevated concept of street culture, fashion, and lifestyle brand centered around personal pursuits and adventures. It champions the exploration of unconventional paths, driven by pure intentions. The ethos lies in defying societal norms and trends, advocating for an individual's unique perspective and eclectic sense of style in every endeavor.


A brand derived from the expression and communication of beauty and aesthetics through meticulous attention to detail. Conceptualizing with an emphasis on contemporary culture, art and craft, signature designs are developed. Making goods with hands provides a sense of self-worth, authenticity and a deep sense of human connection

A world of curated living, aims to provide the individual with a mean to slow down and to appreciate the quality of life through the products it carries. On top of being a multi-label store, showcases collaboration of multiple creative disciplines and explore steps into elevating the space to promote fashion, lifestyle, art, design, music, living and community.


Constantly challenging ourselves against the norm. Against the flow of trend and away from conformity to result in something outstanding.


Tap on our decade long experience in production to achieve the best possible outcome for your desired product.

Identity & Branding

Delivers the narrative with on-point representation, mood and emotion that is poignant and distinctive.


Offer solutions to your problems through a keen sense of aesthetics with unparalleled passion & artistry.



Identity & Branding


Spatial Design

Content Creation

Photography & Video

Design & Print

Tailoring & Manufacturing

We are the first call for every outrageous, unthinkable and unknown possibility in multiple disciplines that is creative and production related. 


Keng How Chong

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Credentials & Awards

BFFI Programme


Blueprint Awards

SFW Programme

President’s Design Award

Marketing Interactive Award


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